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    Standard Particle Series.JPG

    提供從0.02μm 至1000μm 各種不同Size 符合NIST 的標準件,應用于KLA/Tencor surface particle counter 、 Air/Liquid/Gas particle counter 之校正及HEPA 、 ULPA 等Filter 過濾效率驗證,制藥廠產品USP 之確效。

    Certified Particle Size Standards traceable to the Standard Meter through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Demonstrate the traceability of their analytical methods as required by ISO 9000, ISO 10012, ANSI/NCSL Z540, GMP/GLP and other standards and regulations .

    3000 Series - Nanosphere Size Standards - 20 nm ~ 900 nm (Packaged in l5mL, 1% solids)

    Product Specifications

    Particle Composition: Polystyrene

    Particle Density 1 .05 g/cm3

    Index of Refraction: 1 .59 @ 589 nm (25°C)

    Additives: Contains trace amount of surf actant

    Expiration Date: 24 months

    4000 Series - Monosized Polymer Size Standards (Packaged in l5mL)1.0 μm ~ 160 μm : Particle Composition: Polystyrene

    200 μm ~ 650 μm : Polystyrene closslinked with Divinylbenzene, PSDVB (Packaged as dry sphere)

    750 μm, 1000 μm : Polystyrene closslinked with PolymethylnethacryIate, PMMA (Packaged as dry sphere)

    8000 Series - Silica Size Standards - 0.5 μm ~ 1.6 μm (Packaged in l5mL, 2% solids)The Thermo Scientific* 8000 Series Silica Particle Size Standards are monodisperse silica microspheres, NIST traceable size standards.

    0.5 μm, 0.7 μm, 1.0μm, 1.6 μm

    9000 Series - Glass Size Standards - (Package as 1g, Dry)

    Thermo Scientific* Duke Standards 9000 Series Glass Particles are dry glass NIST traceable size standards.

    2 μm ~ 20 μm : Particle Composition: Borosilicate glass

    30 μm ~ 2000 μm : Particle Composition: Soda Lime glass

    COUNT-CAL* Count Precision Standards

    標準顆粒數量3000 particles/mL ± 10%. Composition : Polystyrene

    適合液體微粒子計數器的校正, 并符合NIST的追溯。 USP 788.

    Quantity 6 x 25mL bottles per pack

    COUNT-CAL is a ready to use precision standard designed for regular use in liquid particle counters to verify instrument calibration before each use. This assures the reproducibility of the particle counter by permitting a continuous record of its performance using a NIST* traceable microsphere suspension with a precise concentration.

    ■Polystyrene microspheres are suspended in an ultra clean diluent

    ■Concentration is optimized for use in light obscuration particle counters and other low concentration counting applications

    ■Diameters are traceable to the Standard Meter through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

    ■CC10 and CC25 are ideal for USP 788 and 788 interim testing

    Composition : Polystyrene

    Concentration : 3000 particles/mL ± 10%

    Quantity 6 x 25mL bottles per pack

    Available : 2μm 5μm 10μm 15μm 20μm 25μm 30μm 50μm 70μm

    EZY-CAL* Count Precision Size Standards

    標準顆粒數量2000 particles/mL ± 10%. Composition : Polystyrene

    適合液體微粒子計數器的校正, 并符合NIST的追溯. USP 788.

    Quantity 100ml. bottles per pack

    ■A ready-to-use (no dilution required) particle size standard for validating optical particle counters

    ■A magnetic stir bar is included in each bottle for clean, convenient and direct sampling by the instrument

    ■The aqueous suspension medium contains a combination of dispersing agents, which help to keep the particles from clumping or sticking to flow surfaces in the particle counter

    ■Particle diameters are traceable to the Standard Meter through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

    Composition : Polystyrene

    Concentration : 2000 particles/mL ± 10%

    Size : 100mL

    Available : 2μm 5μm 10μm 15μm 20μm 25μm 30μm 50μm 70μm

    Thermo Scientific Count Controls ?

    United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) <729>, <788>, and <789>

    –Globule Size Distribution in Intravenous Emulsions

    –Particulate Matter for Injections

    –Particulate Matter for Ophthalmic Solutions

    ? China Pharmacopoeia (Ch. P. 2010, Volume III, App. V)

    ? European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) 2.9.19–Particluate Contamination: Sub-visible Particles

    ? Japan Pharmacopoeia (JP) 6.07–Insoluble Particulate Matter Test for Injections

    PHARM-TROL?Count Precision Size Standards

    PHARM-TROL has a 15 μm nominal diameter and is packaged in concentrations of 3800 particles/ mL ± 15%. Used by manufacturers of parenteral drugs and ophthalmic solutions who are seeking interim verification of USP <788> and <789>.

    COUNT- CAL?Count Precision Size Standards

    COUNT-CAL products have a nominal range from 2 μm to 70 μm in concentrations of 3000 particles per mL ± 10%. COUNT-CAL can be used in similar applications as PHARM-TROL.

    Ezy-Cal? Count Precision Size Standards

    Ezy-Cal comes in ready-to-use concentrations of 2000 particles/mL ± 10%. Typical applications include pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and wastewater. Validex? Count Precision Size Standards

    Validex is used for validating the performance of liquid particle counters used for testing drinking water. Each bottle contains a nominal concentration of 1000 particles/mL ± 10% in ultrapure water.